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[TRAILER] The Great Gatsby

One of my favorite director + my favorite actor of all time = WINNING FORMULA

Having been a fans of Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio since their collaboration on modern adaptation of Romeo+Juliet (1996), i can’t wait to taste Baz’s signature style of theatrical, musical-festive adaptation of The Great Gatsby. I DON’T CARE if people are complaining on how he tarnished the true 1920’s soul of  F. Scott Fitzgerald classics. 8))

The Great Gatsby is coming in 3D on December 25th 2012


With all those hoo-ha’s concerning MPAA vs. the government, all i know that we’re threatened not to be able to watch all those upcoming summer movies.

Yeah. We’re totally screwed.  Great timing, dumbasses!

Green Lantern, Thor, Battle: Los Angeles, Super 8, Captain America, etc


And most of all, Sucker Punch.  I’d be majorly pissed off if i couldn’t see this on theatres :(((


Come on, people, stop fooling around. 😦