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[TRAILER] The Great Gatsby

One of my favorite director + my favorite actor of all time = WINNING FORMULA

Having been a fans of Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio since their collaboration on modern adaptation of Romeo+Juliet (1996), i can’t wait to taste Baz’s signature style of theatrical, musical-festive adaptation of The Great Gatsby. I DON’T CARE if people are complaining on how he tarnished the true 1920’s soul of Β F. Scott Fitzgerald classics. 8))

The Great Gatsby is coming in 3D on December 25th 2012



With all those hoo-ha’s concerning MPAA vs. the government, all i know that we’re threatened not to be able to watch all those upcoming summer movies.

Yeah. We’re totally screwed. Β Great timing, dumbasses!

Green Lantern, Thor, Battle: Los Angeles, Super 8, Captain America, etc


And most of all, Sucker Punch. Β I’d be majorly pissed off if i couldn’t see this on theatres :(((


Come on, people, stop fooling around. 😦