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Whip It – review

Setelah berkecimpung di dunia akting sejak bocah, rupanya Drew Barrymore tidak tahan untuk juga mencicipi bangku sutradara. Sebelumnya ia memang telah mendirikan rumah produksi miliknya sendiri ‘Flowers Films’ dan menghasilkan film-film box office macam “Never Been Kissed’, ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’.

Kini Drew menunjukkan debut penyutradaraannya lewat ‘Whip It’, kisah sederhana namun manis yang mengambil latar olahraga roller-derby di Texas. Bliss Cavendar (the utmost adorable and charming Ellen Page :D) adalah remaja dengan kehidupan tipikal; Ibu yang terobsesi beauty pageant, kerja sambilan bersama sahabatnya Pash di sebuah resto kecil, dan tentu peer-pressure from the mean girls at school di kota kecil Bodeem, Texas. Hidupnya berubah saat ia membaca sebuah brosur ajang roller derby di Austin. Karena orangtuanya yang cukup konservatif, Bliss harus menyelinap pergi untuk menonton pertandingan tersebut. Ternyata olahraga full-body-contact yang digawangi gadis-gadis tangguh dan agresif tersebut membuatnya amat terkesima. Sehingga ia mengumpulkan keberanian untuk mengikuti audisi untuk tim Hurl Scouts yang dipimpin oleh Maggie Mayhem. Maka dimulailah aksi Bliss di atas ring dengan nama julukan Babe Ruthless.

Cerita selanjutnya sesungguhnya mudah ditebak, mengenai bagaimana Bliss berbohong mengenai usianya agar diizinkan mengikuti audisi, upaya-upaya mengelabui orangtuanya, kekikukan awal saat ia menjalani latihan, serta menghadapi rivalnya Iron Maven (Juliette Lewis) dari tim tak terkalahkan Holy Rollers. Dan kisah ini tentu belum lengkap tanpa adanya love interest, yakni vokalis band indie-rock, Oliver (Landon Pigg, the musician. I adore his music, but his acting, well…errr sucks. Stick with the singing, Landon! 😉 ).

Lalu apa yang membuat film ini berkesan? Untuk saya, roller derby itu sendiri. Jangankan Bliss, sayapun takjub. The cheesiness of sexy names, the idea of shoving other gals fair and square on the rink just….encouraging! :). Setelah ditelusuri, tidak banyak yang mengangkat tema olahraga ini ke film, adapun sekitar tahun 70an yakni ‘Kansas City Bomber’, ‘The Unholy Rollers’, ‘The Fireball’, dll. (di antaranya bahkan dibintangi Racquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe, Micky Rooney). Sedangkan sisanya mayoritas berupa dokumenter. Juga yang menarik, ‘Whip It’ juga dihiasi berbagai bintang tamu seperti rapper Eve, Jimmy Fallon, dan Zoe Bell. Nama yang terakhir disebut adalah stuntwoman ternama di Hollywood, beberapa aksi stunt-doublenya dapat disaksikan di seri tv ‘Xena the Warrior Princess’, ‘Kill Bill’ volume I dan II, ‘Grindhouse’, ‘Catwoman’, dll.

well, not bad for a debut, Drew! and i heart the underwater making-out-scene 😉

Singkatnya, ‘Whip It’ adalah those simple feel-good-movie about growing up and make decision. Dan membuat saya berharap ada ajang roller derby disini. I would’ve tried it out if myself if my body-balance wasn’t too damn pathetic 🙂


the ‘fab’ cheesy names: Iron Maven. Smashly Simpson. Rosa Sparks. Maggie Mayhem. Babe Ruthless. Eva Destruction. The Manson sister. Pocket Rocket. Jaba the Slut. Bloody Holly. Kami Kaze. Jackie Daniels. Malicein Wonderland.

Smashley Simpson, Bloody Holly, Malice in Wonderland, Rosa Sparks, Dinah Might: We’re number two! We’re number two!
: You guys came in second out of two teams.
Smashley Simpson, Bloody Holly, Malice in Wonderland, Rosa Sparks, Dinah Might
: Whoo!
: Yeah, let’s celebrate mediocrity! That’s fantastic.

Bliss Cavendar: We deserve better villains.

(after shoving the mean girl at school. I like this part so much!! 🙂 )

Oliver: Wow, from here it kinda looks like you’re wearing a stryper t-shirt.
Bliss Cavendar
: stryper? Yeah, 80’s christian heavy metal. I mean in the name of jesus we rock.


The Blind Side – review

The story of Michael ‘Big Mike’ Oher (Quinton Aaron), a homeless larger-than-life teen whose potential in sports spotted by a football coach in local Christian school. With poor academic records and a stolid personality, Mike feels secluded in his new environment. That is until Leigh Ann  (Sandra Bullock) & Sean Tuohy (Tim McGraw) a wealthy Southern Republican family, brought him under their wing. What once started as a good deed -let Oher stay for a night at their house when Leigh Ann found out he has nowhere to go- continued as Leigh Ann became more and more concern about Mike. The Tuohys decided to legally adopt Mike. Slowly but sure, Mike adjusting well to the warmth of the Tuohys, he even well-bond to the cheeky ‘lil brother’ S.J.

The teachers also discovered that despite he’s holding back when it comes to committed writings, but  he excell in comprehension and has a 98% score of a capacity in protective instincts on a high school aptitude test.

This fact led him to play football. Clumsy by the violence of the game, Leigh Ann & S.J by their own ways helping Mike to improve his performance on the field. It didn’t take long til Mike become the local hero, drawn the spotlight & offerings  from various universities. But when the NCAA investigate the possibilities of the Tuohys’s good deed is a fraud, under the motive of getting a talented athelete into their almamater ‘Ole Miss’, Mike’s a bit shattered. Leigh Ann, also gone sentimental and raised questions to herself along the way, whether she helped Mike by pure intentions or ‘white people guilt’.

Interesting part when she went to Mike’s old neighbourhood on the other side of town, and came back with contemplation and shared it with her friends. How her friends react was a sort of awakening.

This movie is a perfect family movie, so uplifting and heartwarming, it felt too good to be true. But the fact, it is true. Yes, this is based on a true story of NFL’s Baltimore Ravens top player Michael Oher on how he struggled to his football stardom. Sandra Bullock, as we never seen her before, as a sympathetic southern housewife – blond! :D. Also don’t missed Kathy Bates as Mike’s private tutor, Ms. Sue. John Lee Hancock, the director, cleverly put the sensitive issues such as race and political views without being too constrained.

Sean Tuohy: Who would’ve thought we’d have a black son before we met a Democrat? (about when they decided to hire Ms. Sue, the private tutor who happens to be democrat)

The Blind Side serves a decent story about morality, empathy & inspiration. A feel-good movie! 😀 8/10

Beth: You’re changing that boys life.
Leigh Anne Touhy: No, he’s changing mine.

The Tuohys on movie
the real Michael Oher & Tuohys couple 😀