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Va Va Voom Fashion :)

Been prepping blogspot website for my dearest friend’s business. Totally clueless about Javascript but i have a soft spot for learnin- experience, so why not? 😀

and it turns out to be exciting!

After searching zillions  possible themes for our blogspot, finally i fell in love with this classic theme, –which is actually more tricky than the upgrade version.

But what’s not to love about that clean-minimalist look?

If you notice the picture of beautiful lady with ‘V by Vai’ logo on the sidebar of my blog, please do click em to check out the latest exquisite va-va-voom fashion collection

(oh i love how it sounds, Va va voom. Don’t you? ;))

Well, we’re still sorting out production and stuff, but  hopefully our shop is up & running in 1-2 weeks. 😀

See ya then, beautiful creatures!



….totally the “Poof”

I feel sorry for Big, I really do. Because if you think about it, I was the best thing that ever happened to him. Actually, no. I pity him because I get to walk away and be me, and he has to walk away and stay him, you know? And who wants to be him when you could be me? I mean, I’m smart, I’m funny… I was this, this thing, you know I was it. I was this magic moment. I was the abracadabra. I was totally the “poof” in the relationship. I mean, I’ve got more “poof” in one finger than he could ever have. I mean, geez, sometimes I “poof” just hailing a cab. So I guess it’s better to know now. So I can go “poof” someone else. Someone who deserves me, and not some screwed-up, insecure guy who can’t deal with a woman who’s got her act together. Now, I’m gonna end up deliriously happy and Big is gonna die old and alone, and I pity him. Really, I pity him.

Carrie Bradshaw – Sex & The City

…blast from the past

Kemarin waktu buka-buka laci di kamar, nemu organizer jaman SMA. It was quite a trend back then…almost every girl had it x). Dan tiba-tiba gw kangen…

apparently i made friends with great poets 🙂

Some of ’em are actually good. Never judge a book by its cover indeed. Those slackers-cheeky teenage boys…gave em a pen,  and look what we’ve had here.

Look at this schedule! ….Lord, i didn’t even remember how i’ve managed to survived  those horrible line-ups! I have to say Thursday was the worst. Four hours of math! My brain cells are probably smoked xD

While this is the drawing i made, just for the sake of the memory 🙂 1999/2000. One of the greatest moments of my life!