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The Most Astounding Fact About The Universe

 “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?”

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The Cat’s Meow on The Dark Knight Rises

GQ photospread

Congratulation to Anne Hathaway for scoring the part of Selena Kyle/Catwoman in the upcoming and most anticipated Batman flick: The Dark Knight Rises.

As i were saying, Keira Knightley has no boobs to fill those latex, Jessica Biel is too muscular, while Anne has it all: the boobs, the sex appeal and THE EYES. It’s all about the cat’s  eyes.

Let’s see how this America’s sweetheart unleashed her darker side. Once she’s a promiscuous hispanic girl on Havoc (2005), it shouldn’t be a problem then :p

So, work that latex catsuit, woman!  (If any. There WILL  be a latex catsuit, isn’t there Mr. Nolan? :D)


Oh and also please welcome Tom Hardy as Bane.

If you’re not familiar with him, he’s the flamboyant Aames on Inception.

This English darling also known for Rock n Rolla, Layer Cake and Bronson

Welcome aboard. mate! 😀

….In this small library of mine

Guilty as charge. I bought these books like, months ago. None of them are finished…yet. Hehehehe. The last book i’ve managed to finish in a zap is Jodie Picoult’s ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, because the gripping story & the pace kept me awake for 523 pages. And yeah, i love the book MORE than the film –like any other reader of a book-adapt-to-a-movie :p.

Maybe i’ll read ‘Mio Anakku’ first. I had Astrid Lindgren’s book ‘Madita’ (English title: ‘Madicken’) when i was a kid and i like it. Loads of fun. ‘Sejarah Dunia dalam 10 1/2 Bab’ also has an interesting angle in its story. Maybe my second choice, if i weren’t too lazy later mwehehehe

Happy reading people! 🙂

“There is no friend as loyal as a book” – Ernest Hemingway

The Grumpy Grandpa & The Boy With Freckles

I just saw Gran Torino recently and it’s another top notch drama from the acclaimed veteran actor/director Clint Eastwood. Funny thing is, i spotted some random similarities between Gran Torino and Pixar’s touching animation Up. Basically both of them tell a story about a grumpy and hard-headed old widower, and this boy character showed up to help him.

Father Janovich & Walt Kowalski
Russell & Carl Fredericksen

Look! i can’t help to smile when i realized even Father Janovich -the young pastor on Gran Torino- shares similar qualities with Russell!! 😀 the red hair, the freckles, his good intentions on helping the ‘grumpy old grandpa’ (Kowalski/Carl)

Don’t you agree? 😀