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Music For Sale – Daydream album

Bagi yg telah menyaksikan film ‘Hari Untuk Amanda’, pasti tidak akan melewatkan alunan lagu milik Music For Sale yg menjadi anthem film tersebut. Tiga lagu yg menghiasi film tersebut yakni ‘So Right’, ‘Far From You’ dan ‘I Don’t Know’, cukup sukses membuat penasaran untuk segera browsing dan mencari link MySpacenya.

Setelah memfollow twitter mereka di @musicforsale, info didapat bahwa mereka akan merilis albumnya pertengahan Februari. Well am i excited or what :)). Aaaand finally, i got my hands on their CDs at DeMajors booth on JavaJazzFestival. Plus, a chance to watch them live on Masima Stage! :))

Band asal Bogor ini sudah terbentuk sejak 2006, beranggotakan Mario (vokal), Raditya (gitar), Leo (bass), Dion (keyboard) dan Topan (drum). Banyak terinfluence musik jazz, blues, pop serta rock, Music For Sale menawarkan lirik soulful dengan musik yg easy listening tanpa harus terdengar cheesy :). Dengan alunan piano yg cukup dominan, sepintas akan mengingatkan kita pada Five For Fighting, Ben Folds Five atau Dave Matthews Band.

TRACK LIST ‘Daydream’ Album:

1. Agenda

2. Cinta

3. I Don’t Know

4. Loviology

5. Ms. Wonderful

6. Daydream

7. Sepatu Roda

8. Revolving Bed

9. Far From You

10. Amanda

11. So Right

Dengan 4 lagu berbahasa Indonesia dan sisanya berbahasa Inggris, which doesn’t really make any difference because all of their songs are GREAT :). Karena dalam lagu berbahasa Inggris salah satu faktor yg paling esensial adalah pronounciation, well thankfully Mario pulled it off perfectly!. Tema lagu yang paling unik di album ini mungkin ‘Sepatu Roda’, konon ini terinspirasi seorang kakek tetangga salah satu personil yg walaupun di usia senjanya masih suka bermain sepatu roda (kalau tidak salah sih, sempat dibahas di akun twitternya..please correct me if i’m wrong 🙂 ). Cukup sulit menentukan lagu mana yg menjadi favorit, namun Ms. Wonderful dengan irama cerianya always brighten up my day :). Tentu saja tiga lagu utama yg sudah disebutkan di awal juga memiliki ‘daya bunuh’ yg semakin ‘mematikan’ setiap kali didengarkan, –in a good way, of course hehehe. Tidak sabar ingin menonton performance live mereka lagi! Instead of Music For Sale, they should’ve been called Music For Soul 🙂

Video klip ‘So Right’, yg juga disutradarai Angga Sasongko, sutradara ‘Hari Untuk Amanda’


I Love You, Man – review

Since now is the Judd Appatow era, it’s relieving they started making a genuine adult-comedy instead of slapstick trash. Take my word, this movie is uproaringly funny!!
The happily enganged & successful realtor Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) has always been a girlfriend-man. Wedding is on its way and at one point he realize he didn’t have any close male friend to be his best man. The whole thing about ‘guy friends’ with all their dirty jokes, poker nights, etc doesn’t suit Peter well. Yes, he’s this one awkward man and apparently-lonely.
Worried about this void, he consulted his gay-brother Robbie -which going for the straight ones, because he thinks it’s a challenging LOL- on how to establish a male-bonding.

Peter Klaven: So what do i do? How do i make friends?
Robbie Klaven: If you see a cool looking guy, strike up a conversation and ask him on a man date.
Peter Klaven: Ok.
Robbie Klaven: You know what i mean?
Peter Klaven: No.
Robbie Klaven: Casual lunch or after work drinks. You’re not taking these boys to see The Devil Wears Prada.
Peter Klaven: Ohhhh god i love that movie. No I wont.

On a verge of despair after serial ‘man-dating’ that went all wrong, Peter met Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) the upstraight-cunning bloke. Impressed by his honesty, it doesn’t take too long before Peter ‘attracted’ to Sydney (no matter how WRONG it may sounds, please do remind this is male-bonding we’re talking bout, yea? good x))
As the ‘bromance’ works smoothly between them, Zooey the fiancee who supported this ‘best-man-hunt’ earlier, felt secluded especially when she felt her relationship with Peter is in the state of strain- caused by the BFF euphoria. What will Peter do?

The ensemble cast has creating a hysterical-laugh-out-loud environment. Yet the best lines come from the strangely ingenuous father, Zooey’s friends: the bizzared-rowdily couple (played hilariously by Jaime Pressly & Jon Favreau..the guy who directs Ironman xD), the men Peter’s been ‘dating’ with, etc. Also Peter’s gawky attempt of nicknaming each other xD
Don’t missed the so-called-cameo from Lou Ferrigno -the Incredible Hulk- as himself, whom property Peter tries to sell..

‘I Love You, Man’ is a bromance-comedy well-delivered!! ^.^
I loved it, man!!!

Sydney Fife: You get home safe, Pistol.
Peter Klaven: You got it, Joben.
Sydney Fife: I’m sorry, what?
Peter Klaven: Er… nothing.
Sydney Fife: No, what did you say?
Peter Klaven: Nah, I don’t know… You nicknamed me Pistol, and I just called you… “Joben”… It means nothing… I don’t… I’m drunk… I’m gonna call a cab.

Sydney Fife: Society tells us we’re civilized but the truth is we are animals. Sometimes we just have to let it out. Try it.
Peter Klaven: Blaaah!
Sydney Fife: Good. Now gently remove your tampon and try again.

(while jamming at Sydney’s place, playing bass)
Peter Klaven: Slapping the bass! Slappa da bass! Slappa da bass mon! Slappa de bass mon!