Welcoming INAFFF 2011: My Ticket to THE RAID!

So, after i’ve been outburst my rage several days ago for not getting any tickets for THE RAID at INAFFF, one of my favorite film festival of the year –my lucky clover works its magic.

Every year INAFFF invites film bloggers to their opening and closing film.Which i’ve WON FOR THIS YEAR!!! WOOOHOOOOOO (also share this euphoria with geek-fellowΒ @InsanPW, who’ve also won). We get the chance to attend the opening -Immortals and closing -THE RAID! πŸ˜€

I’m only curious about Immortals because it’s from Tarsem Singh, whose previous work ‘The Cell’ (2000) has always been my favorite. Looking forward for visually-stunning experience!


The Raid, which has been the festival-darling everywhere, is gettin all the hype it deserves (i hope so :p). The trailer will leave y’all sayin ‘John McClane who?’



Welcome INAFFF! πŸ˜€


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