Tennis ‘Marathon’ (audio only)

This Colorado duo also came from the same record label as Yuck; the one on my previous post. Since they have barely decent live session on Youtube, so this is only the audio version, guys πŸ™‚


we didn’t realize that we had arrived at high tide, high tide
will we make it out alive?

not even once did we see a light
we didn’t realize the forecast had been revised
and moonless skies and shifty wind that gusts and dies

marathon how long we’ve been gone and still not yet set foot upon you


If you adore The Submarines or Best Coast, you’ll love the twinkling breezy indie-pop melody from this husband/wife Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore. Also check their other singles such as ‘Take Me Somewhere’ and ‘Cape Dory’. Good stuff πŸ˜€

Read about them on Pitchfork music-blog

Download their song here: Tennis – Marathon

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