Copeland Farewell Tour – Bandung May 8th 2010

I fell in love with Copeland after a friend copied several of their albums to my PC, around two years ago. They were Beneath Medicine Tree (2003),  In Motion (2005), and Eat, Sleep, Repeat (2006).

Though everyone’s favorite single was ‘Coffee’, i’m very much attracted to ‘There Cannot Be A Close Second’, ‘Cover What You Can’, ‘Choose The One Who Loves You More’, ‘Don’t Slow Down’, ‘Take Care’, ‘I’m A Sucker For A Kind Word’.

If you’re into soothing lyrics with calm-pop-rock flavour such as Death Cab for Cutie or  Mae, then Copeland might suited you well 🙂

That’s why when i heard they were breaking up last year, it breaks my heart :'(. The big surprise is,  Indonesia is in their list for Farewell Tour. WHOOOHOOOOO!!

IT’S GOIN TO BE A MEMORABLE FAREWELL!!! Grab your tickets now!

COPELAND first ever concert in Indonesia is scheduled for Saturday, May 8th 2010 at The Venue Concert Hall – Eldorado Bandung. Don’t miss their last ever tour .. !!!

Ticket price IDR 175.000 (No Presale or Early Bird). Tickets go on sale at Disctarra, Societie, Linoleum Store and

COPELAND “The Farewell Tour” is proudly brought to you by NADA PROMOTAMA.  For more information please contact NADA PROMOTAMA at (62) 22 86065357, (62) 21 95744664

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