Sherlock Holmes – review

The most famous detective on novel brought to life, this time, portrayed by the charismatic Robert Downey Jr. The story opened with Lord Blackwell’s (Mark Strong) arrest. The man who claimed as the messenger of the black magic has been commited to several murderous act, which causing terror in London. So when he’s finally hung, everyone thought it would be for good.

Meanwhile, Dr. Watson (Jude Law, surprisingly good. Maybe the only role he didn’t end up as ‘Jude Law the pretty boy’ :p), Holmes’s loyal companion is getting married. The fact that Holmes might lose his best partner didn’t really took Holmes to enthusiastic state towards the wedding.Β  Had briefly slumped to this issue and no cases worth intriguing enough during the moment, the sudden news of Blackwell’s mysteriously risen from the deadΒ  tickles his senses to once again confront this case with his methods of logic. And when Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams) –the devious thief, the Holmes’s opposite attraction, the only woman who had outsmarted Holmes twice- is involved, he knew that something big engirdled this case.

One mentioned this is the version of a down & dirty Holmes, when Guy Ritchie succesfully depicted him not only as the analytical freak, but also the physical side–Holmes the brawler. The slobbish version of Holmes might offended the true fan of Sherlock Holmes, but it works out just fine for me ;). He still put the iconic pipe, nevertheless. & Not only i love the grey blue-ish he used for the color tone of Old London, the way he visualized tradition method of explaining the Sherlock Holmes deductions after given the facts and clues in slow motions & repeated scenes is beautifully executed. The battle of humorous wits between Holmes & Watson’s bromance relationship is undeniably hit the mark. & some animal rights group might be infuriated by how Holmes always tried out new medicine to that poor adorable bulldog, Gladstone. Packed of laughs, indeed πŸ˜€

This is the first movie i saw in 2010, & boy, i am well entertained πŸ™‚ it scores 8.5/10

& yet, it screams for sequel!! See you hopefully soon, Professor James Moriarty πŸ˜‰

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