Thirst – review

Dump that sappy stereotype of vampire love story ala Twi-lame, Oldboy creator Park-Chan wook worked his eerie touch on the theme, and once again raising the bar of controversy.  The poster was banned by Korea’s gov for picturing a priest on an obscene pose with a woman. But it didn’t stop this provoking dark tale from winning the Cannes International Film Festival’s Jury Prize 2009.

As usual, Park-Chan wook executed every pictures beautifully. The graphic gore and sex scene translated the numbness, madness and irony into an intense delirium . And yes, there will be blood. The only flaw was the pace at some parts tend to be too slow.  But i give 8/10 for the exquisite cinematography & delightful grasp of mind-bending horror 🙂

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